Roland with My Homies: A Stephen King’s Dark Tower Book Club

The Gunslinger, Part 3 - Yaddle and Love and Light

April 4, 2018

Chaos reigns this week on Roland With My Homies!

Hey guys, I'm kind of sorry that the podcast is late. I now realize why other podcasts have producers. It's not because it's necessarilly too much work, but because it's really hard to listen to your own fucking stupid voice for hours at a time every fucking week. I now know when I'm about to say something stupid just by looking at the waveform.

Anyway, sorry to those of you who are following along at home. In this episode, we're talking about "The Oracle and the Mountain." Roland does some HARD DRUGS and then has to listen to some HARD TRUTHS about his relationship with his tween companion Jake. Sounds like absolute hell to me, but at least he gets laid again. 

Most of this episode is about Yaddle from Star Wars, though. Peace!


00:06:15 I know what I mean when I'm talking about Black Light Posters, but I wonder if anyone else does...
00:06:42 Does Danielle have a bit of a cold here?
00:07:45 Dude, I wish I had spliced this all together into one podcast at this point.
00:08:33 Roland cockblocks Jake
00:09:07 Standing Stone vs. Speaking Ring
00:09:22 Wait, what IS a Speaking Ring? I still don't know.
00:11:58 Roland gives Jake the jawbone and ties him up
00:13:04 Mescaline facts
00:16:09 This is a hard cut to remove some personal information!!
00:16:22 What went down in the back rows of the theater when Star Wars first came out
00:17:46 Mike says "bitch" I thought he was supposed to be the nice one
00:19:08 The whole last third of the dark tower movie is basically the Zion part of The Matrix Reloaded
00:19:42 Josh sends the photo that tanks the podcast
00:20:02 Jenny Slate should play the succubus
00:21:50 Danielle's claim to fame
00:23:23 Still talking about Yaddle
00:24:46 Danielle hates on women again
00:26:16 The Homies lament Peak TV
00:27:56 Roland demands the Oracle speak prophecy before he will put out
00:28:58 The Three
00:29:37 Josh has edited a Wikia page about the Star Wars character Yaddle, and then he proudly posted a screenshot of his edit to the Skype window, and I just don't know what to do with this because if I edited it out the show would be like ten minutes which now that I type it all out would probably not be a bad thing
00:31:09 ???? I couldn't bear to edit this out because Josh sounds so happy.
00:32:15 Reference: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001 probably)
00:32:56 Pretty Racist Stuff here
00:35:29 Danielle revels in yelling gender epithets
00:36:39 Roland tries to slut shame the Oracle, who retorts by infanticide-shaming him.
00:37:49 Danielle once again says the b-word with gusto.
00:39:10 Josh does a reading
00:39:52 Josh's thinks his Chinese food has arrived but I think we find out later that it hadn't
00:40:48 We say "bitch" so much I am so sorry it's on the list
00:41:45 Jake is basically Morty at this point, and we're not the first people to make that connection
00:42:27 Josh tries to send Mike a funny Dark Tower meme, but it's just another erotic picture of Yaddle
00:42:50 We DO have a website, at Rolandwith.Club
00:43:33 The only real beauty is order and love and light
00:45:54 Jake wishes he could have lived in Gilead
00:47:14 Well, I guess that's just how it is!
00:47:35 We close the book on The Gunslinger and kind of sum things up even though there's one more episode about it after this.
00:50:09 Borderline transphobia


NEXT TIME: We go back in time to before we knew that the original episode didn't record and finish up THE GUNSLINGER. We have a nice chat about THE SLOW MUTANTS and THE GUNSLINGER AND THE MAN IN BLACK. I don't know what else we talk about but I bet it's a three hour discussion about why Josh should watch Steven Universe. 


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