Roland with My Homies: A Stephen King’s Dark Tower Book Club

The Gunslinger, Part 1 - Drunk Tower

February 23, 2018
Your favorite Nort jokes, broken promises, and wrong Podcast titles!
This is a podcast about Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER. Originally, we were thinking of calling it DRUNK TOWER, but that was kind of lame so we went with ROLAND WITH MY HOMIES because that's hilarious.
00:00:06:45 Cryptic allusion to Episode Zero
00:00:09:42 The List of books we're gonna read
00:00:13:49 Simpsons Reference
00:00:14:57 Birth Movies Death Story where Mike forgets that the website changed its name
00:00:18:27 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Cover
00:00:20:15 Audible Page Flipping
00:00:27:07 Talking about the revised Gunslinger   
00:00:33:45 Mike says "previous" when he probably should have said "prior"
00:00:37:02 Ka, Khef, Ka-Tet - we really don't know what we're talking about here
00:00:42:40 Mike is the most religious nonreligious person we know
00:00:47:16 Casual misogyny here, so sorry
00:00:48:30 The Man Jesus
00:00:52:11 A little more misogyny here
00:01:01:04 This should be the Episode Title, but I don't know if you're allowed to use bad words
00:01:03:03 Josh's Misogyny problem (I think this might be a theme)
00:01:06:20 Stephen King's weird fat woman thing
00:01:08:06 Walter is Marten is Flagg. I feel like we have this all wrong.
00:01:14:55 Talkin' about the best character Nort
00:01:18:07 The world has moved on (we pretend to be smart about politics)
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