Roland with My Homies: A Stephen King’s Dark Tower Book Club

Arthur C. Clarke With My Homies

June 26, 2018

Keeeeeeep Readin' "The Little Sisters of Eluria," because we don't even start talking about it in this episode!! This is just the chill sesh from immediately before we start talking about the story. We talk about which books are on The List (spoiler: we add one!), our various childhood traumas, and more! It's the Loosey-Goosiest Roland With My Homies yet!!


Confirmation of Reading Order 0:00.000
Word Processor of the Gods 1:08.646
Josh is in such a dark world he assumes all positivity is sarcasm 2:16.990
Discussion of whether to add books to the list 2:45.033
Eaze Spot 5:41.191
D is "so fucking pumped" for The Stand 7:28.834
D want this podcast to outlast the Trump presidency 8:56.864
In every fucking episode we argue about how to pronounce Wolves of the Calla 10:27.154
After we're done with The Dark Tower 11:19.969
Following My Bliss 12:08.302
What! We actually add The Talisman to the list 13:40.000
Trumppppppp 15:32.308
Mike's Story About Childhood's End 17:04.895
What we were reading in middle school 18:39.409
What Mike did with the settlement 22:16.107
What the HECK does a twelve year old want to read that book for 24:22.923
She means the beam 28:17.881
Danielle's high school experience 29:13.411
Mike and Josh have similar outlooks on the future 32:34.728